“Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognise as food.” 
― Michael Pollan




Cristina and

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The world of flour,

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In Lasagna

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Meet Cristina

I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up watching my whole family cooking. When I was a child I helped my father planting tomatoes and I collected eggs from my grandmother’s backyard chickens. 

Food means to me making things instead of buying them ready made; it is something that should be natural, a sort of ‘small ritual’.

My inspiration

The Pinna family is well-known among friends to offer top-notch food on the table.


Here is my uncle, Pinna Salvatore. He is the founder of Maison Pinna, an artisan pasta shop created in 1978 in Apt, a beautiful village in the heart of Provence. Maison Pinna is more than a traditional food shop. It is a way of living. The shop sells authentic hand-made products using what the nature has to offer in Salvatore’s farm. He produces fresh pasta (his speciality is lasagna), tomato sauces, grissini, jams, pates, panettone and more.

Sissi Pinna, my cousin, has taken over business, bringing a modern twist to the recipes whilst maintaining traditions. I love to spend summer holidays at their place, learning techniques, building piles and piles of lasagna sheets and admiring their dedication and love for what they do.


Maison Pinna don’t have (yet) a website. Somehow their success is simply due to its reputation, trust and impeccable ways to make food.



A sneak peak in the world of pasta

Are you looking for an unforgettable pasta event? Do you want to spend a great time with your friends?

Join me for a fresh pasta workshop and learn the tricks of the trade. It is a fun and very rewarding experience!


You will take your creation home and enjoy with your beloved for lunch or dinner. Workshop will usually run for 4 people and its length varies according to number of participants. For social event with family and colleagues, I also run bespoke larger workshops.

At the end of the workshop, you will get a booklet with some 'secret' recipes.

What do you need?

Just bring in touch and bring along an apron and tupperware

The Basics, 2.0 hr (up to Fr.95) 

Learn how to make fresh egg and flour pasta from scratch - long shapes such as Tagliatelle and Tagliolini, and short shapes such as Farfalle, Orecchiette and Lasagna sheet

Filled Pasta, 2.5 hr (up to Fr.125) 

This class is a bit more advanced, and we suggest having some familiarity with making fresh pasta. We’ll be making different shapes with beautiful names: Ravioli, Mezzelune, Plin, Tortelli...


Coming Soon !

Handmade - /han(d)ˈmeɪd/

Made by hand,

especially with love,

care and craftsmanship

Lasagna at Home

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Order a tray and we will say that it was made by you!

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